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Are you wondering what all the talk is about Essential Oils?  We too were asking the same questions before Maria started The Maker’s Diet!

We confess, we tried out a couple of other brands (that were not Young Living) of Essential Oils.  We bought a kit that had Lavender, Orange, and Peppermint essential oils i n it that claimed to be ‘100% Therapeutic Grade’, but once we started to diffuse them, we soon figured out that they weren’t all they were cracked up to be!  The smell they gave did not smell anything like the plant that they came from!!  After experiencing not so pleasant results with the other brands we tried, we were hesitant to trying out anymore.

After Maria read and started the Maker’s Diet, she became more and more interested in the Essential Oils and what they do for your body!

A friend introduced her to the Young Living Essential Oils and explained how they had changed her and her family’s lives.  Maria knew that we had to try one more brand.

The day that we received our new Young Living Kit, we opened up the bottles and the first oil we smelled was Lavender.  We had tried lavender before, but nothing like this.  It smelled so full bodied, so totally unadulterated and pure.  It was like walking through a field of lavender flowers and green grass all at the same time.  We then diffused Purification, we were hooked!  We could not believe how the air turned so pleasant!  Then, we put the Thieves blend on the bottom everyone’s feet before bedtime, the smell was heavenly!

After doing a great deal of research on essential oils (of which we still continue to research today), we have found that we had a wonderful, powerful weapon to use for great health in the palm of our hand’s!  We believe without a doubt that the Young Living medicinal grade oils are God’s gift and God’s version of pharmaceuticals that he made just for us!

Not long after experiencing exceptional results, we received a calling from God!  We knew that we had to start sharing our results and our love for living an Organic lifestyle!  We follow the Maker’s Diet, we eat whole, organic foods and limit our consumption of processed foods to a bare minimum, and we drink only pure, organic beverages!  We also grow our own foods and preserve them.  We knew that we had to start up ‘Our Organic Home’ and teach others how to live an organic lifestyle incorporating it with Young Living Essential Oils!  So, we decided to become Distributors of Young Living oils!

We found ourselves in an AMAZING team led by our amazing friend Catherine Slezinger and an incredible fellow stay at home Mom, just like Maria – who was earning a sizable income from home.  Her name is Kayla Howard, and she had already provided training and tools to help others grow their Young Living businesses, and I was so impressed by her and her team – just like we had originally been with the Young Living products.

The more we learn and research these amazing oils, the more we fall in love with them!!!

Some of our favorite oils to use are Lavender, Thieves, Lemon, Oregano, and Cinnamon Bark which are all great oils for staying healthy during cold and flu season!  These oils have made our lives as parents so much easier and have kept our family so much healthier and happier!

We are very passionate about the oils because we know without a doubt that they are medicine God’s way- and they are so delightful to use.  Only God could give us such a powerful gift for our health that also delights all our senses at the same time.  The oils SMELL amazing!  Our babysitter tells us that she loves walking into our house and smelling the oils, she said it smells like heaven!

We don’t know where you are at the moment – if you’re like us, wondering what all the fuss is about, or if you’ve already tried the oils but you’re growing weary of paying too much for them.  Or, maybe you are looking for a way as a Mom or Dad to earn extra income from home.

No matter where you find yourself today, we know that using essential oils daily WILL make your wellness and life better, and that an opportunity is before you to generate extra income, if you’d like to.

There’s no magic bullet when it comes to health, and I don’t claim that oils are, because the truth is there’s NO magic bullet anywhere.  But, you do enough of the right things for your health added up all together, and you will be healthy.  It’s really that simple.  The oils are an incredible supplement to a healthy lifestyle, and they can take your health to a whole new level!!

If you’re wanting to generate extra income from home, or you want wholesale pricing on the Young Living oils, (24% off) I highly recommend you start with that.

AND, if you’re wanting to build a business, and get awesome daily training and support (we have a private Facebook group for our team just for that) be sure to get the Premium Starter Kit and send an email to ourorganichome@yahoo.com letting us know you did, so we can add you to our group right away!

So, enough details: where’s the kit?! You can get it by clicking right here.

This is just our story with oils.  We are SO thankful that Maria’s friend shared them with her, and we know they can impact your life, and your family’s future, as powerfully as they have ours!

We really look forward to getting to know you in our secret Facebook group, and seeing your success with God’s original medicine!

With love from our family to yours,

Rod and Maria Wagner

maria rod wagner our organic home essential oils for the home

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