The Maker’s Diet and Why Everyone Should Be Following It!

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The Makers Diet and Why Everyone Should Be Following It!

Good Afternoon Friends!  We hope you are having a wonderful day!  Today, we wanted to share with you why we follow The Maker’s Diet and why you should also be following it!

Maria has struggled with intestinal problems for a couple of years.  She tried different diets and different medicines, but nothing seemed to help her feel better.  There were days that she couldn’t even get off the couch to take care of her family, the stomach cramps and the nausea were so bad.  Maria had been told by a friend that after being sick for a long time, she had found The Maker’s Diet book and it turned her health around full circle.  Maria knew that this was the answer to her health that she had been looking for.  We went to the book store and purchased both The Maker’s Diet and The Maker’s Diet Revolution.  Maria read both books within a weeks time and started to follow the diet immediately.

During the first week of being on The Maker’s Diet Revolution (a biblical based diet), Maria was seeing amazing results!  For the first time, she wasn’t sick after eating or drinking, she was down in weight, her constantly bloated stomach was shrinking, and her overall health was improving.  We knew that this was the answer to our prayers!

We are so happy to report that after the first 10 days of The Maker’s Diet Revolution, Maria was down 10 pounds and the feeling of being constantly sick had subsided.  Her body was completely cleansed and for the first time in years, she was no longer sick.

The Maker’s Diet Revolution is a 10 day cleanse followed by a daily cleanse that follows the guidelines of the original Maker’s Diet.  The cleanse allows you to eat, but you are taking in a lot of water and following a strict regimen as to what you can eat.  During the cleanse your body rids any and all toxins that have been stored in your organs.  It is amazing how good you feel and how much energy you have!  The cleanse also leaves you feeling very fulfilled.  Maria did not experience any hunger pains or tiredness.

Since Maria had such great results, we have continued The Maker’s Diet and the whole family is following it.  The Maker’s Diet isn’t really a diet, it’s a way of living a healthy lifestyle filled with all organic foods and drinks!  God did not intend for us to eat processed, chemically filled foods!! God created the Garden of Eden filled with fruits and vegetables and seeds and nuts.  In Genesis 1:29, ‘Then God said, “Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food.”  God also created fish, wild animals, and livestock for our food.

We believe that if everyone would return to God’s way of eating, we would be a healthy world, rid of sickness and diseases.  A lot of what we eat contributes to the sicknesses so many endure.  Our bodies are not equipped to eat processed foods, chemicals, foods that have been treated with highly poisonous chemicals!

We have been following an organic lifestyle for about 7 years now, it has improved our health tremendously!  Even though we were living an organic lifestyle, we would let some things slip by and think we were OK for not eating ALL organic.  We found through Maria following The Maker’s Diet, how important it was to ingest all organic foods and beverages, not just some.  Our bodies will tell us if we are not eating what God intended us too.  You cannot eat all organic in all situations.  For example, if we are attending a party or social event where the foods are not organic, we just try to limit our intake.  Maria has felt very sick after eating something that is not whole, organic foods and this is because our bodies are not programmed to ingest the junk that people now refer to as foods.

We too like to have cheat days in our everyday eating.  If we choose to indulge in treats or make treats, we choose wisely to include 100% organic, good quality ingredients.  We love to indulge in Beyond Organic treats like Amasai or Dark Chocolate or include these ingredients into our homemade desserts or smoothies.  Beyond Organic also has incredible meats and cheeses which are all Grassfed and Organic.  Who doesn’t love to eat grilled hot dogs or brats?  We love them just as much as the next person, but we choose Grassfed Beef hotdogs, as opposed to the chemical science experiments that are sold as hotdogs in our grocery markets.

We would love to help you turn around your health!  We want everyone to experience a nourished, healthy lifestyle the way God created us to!  Maria is no longer living a life filled with a sick gut.  She is now enjoying every day and has made a promise to help others that may be experiencing the anguish she once endured.

If you are interested in starting The Maker’s Diet, we would love to help you get started.  Please visit our website at:

With love from our family to yours,

Rod and Maria Wagner

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