10 Clever Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

lemon essential oil

Are you new to essential oils?  Today, we’re going to introduce you to lemon essential oil and the clever ways we like to use it!  Lemon oil is an incredible, versatile oil that we use everyday from cleaning to cooking to personal care use!

10 Clever Uses Of Lemon Essential Oil:

  1. Daily Morning Detox:  Add 1-2 drops of Lemon essential oil to warm (not hot) water, and drink first thing in the morning as a detox drink and also to jump-start your day.
  2. Dishwasher Rinse Aid: Add 4-5 drops of Lemon essential oil to 1/2 C of white vinegar and pour into your rinse reservoir of your dishwasher for a sanitized, spot free dishes.
  3. Laundry Stain Remover: Lemon essential oil is a great stain remover for your laundry.  We have used it on everything from grease stains to marker stains to grass stains to silicone stains. (Always try first on a small inconspicuous spot)
  4. Adhesive Remover: Remove sticky residues like glue, tape, gum, stickers, etc.
  5. All Purpose Cleaner: Add 5-7 drops of Lemon essential oil to 2 C of filtered water to sanitize and clean counter-tops, sinks, sanitize door handles, and clean mold and mildew.
  6. Lemon Honey Skincare Mask: Add a drop of Lemon essential oil to 1 tsp of raw organic honey for a wonderful skincare mask to clear clogged pores.  (Do not go out into direct sunlight after using citrus essential oils)
  7. Eliminate Waste from Cells: Massage lemon essential oil into cellulite to help improve circulation and eliminate waste from cells.
  8. Refrigerator/Freezer Odor Remover: Place a few drops of your lemon essential oil on a cotton ball and put in the refrigerator/freezer to help eliminate odors.
  9. Soothe Tired Feet: Soothe corns, calluses, or bunions by rubbing lemon essential oil on the affected area morning and evening.
  10. Carpet Cleaner: Add 10–15 drops of lemon essential oil to a gallon of carpet cleaning solution to help pull out stains, brighten carpet and rugs, and leave a fresh smell in the room.

As you can see, these are just a few of the many, many uses of lemon essential oil!  Leave us a comment on Facebook and let us know your favorite way to use lemon essential oil: www.facebook.com/ourorganichome

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