Introducing The Zyto Compass!

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Do you wish you could take more control of your health?  Are you curious about feeding your body the correct foods?  Are you curious about what Essential Oils to use or what supplements to take for optimal health?  Would you like to save money by only buying the essential oils and supplements that you need?  If so, let us introduce you to the Zyto Compass!!

You can now take the guesswork out of which oils would work best for you and your family!  This is an amazing Electro Dermal device that anyone can use to test your family or your clients for what specific oils they may need.

zyto compass

Since beginning our essential oil journey, we have wanted a Zyto Compass to tell us exactly what our family’s health needs are!  We are so excited to not only have a Zyto Compass to use for our family, but to be able to offer it to everyone that would like to take control of their healthcare!

You do not need to be a practitioner to to use the Zyto Compass.  It has a simple matching program to the electrical charges in your body , that will show what “best” matches the individual.  It reads 70 markers/questions and your body responds through biocommunication.  A report is made that shows the biological preferences your body has and helps guide your nutritional decisions.

You will receive 2 licenses with the purchase of the Zyto to use on two different computers.  We love that we can take the Zyto compass with us to classes and family and friends!

Along with your initial purchase, there is a subscription each month to keep the information coming via internet of $39.95 and you can choose the Young Living Oils library.  If you are a member of our team (by purchasing your Distributor Starter Kit through us), you will receive private training on how to use essential oils, as well as special training on using the Zyto Compass.

Watch this video to learn more!

zyto compass1

The Zyto Compass  is ideal for the OILER who wants to grow a business for themselves!  You can use the Zyto Compass for your group or at educational classes and take it to a new level.

The Zyto Compass is ideal for someone with a large family, whether they are immediate or extended.  By using the Zyto, you are taking the guesswork out of which oils would work best for each family member and how to use them for optimal health!

We are currently working on becoming certified Aromatherapists!  We love that we can now offer the wonderful Zyto Compass to others to enhance their health and their lives at such a reasonable price!

Are you interested in taking charge of your health and your family’s health?  Would you like to be able to help others? Consider using essential oils and add Zyto Compass to make a difference!  Contact us to set up your Zyto Compass appointment today!

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With Love From Our Family To Yours,

Rod & Maria Wagner

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