Discover The Glow You Were Born With! Our Best Kept Secret! ART Skincare

Discover the glow you were born with! Living a clean and green lifestyle means taking care of your entire body; inside and out! Let’s reveal your beauty!

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and it is the organ that is not only the most susceptible to outside forces, but also the literal “face” that we show the world. Wanting to keep it healthy and looking great is only natural, so it is important to understand what your skin needs to stay in top form.

Our skin cells may regenerate quickly, but they deal with attacks from all sides, from both inside and outside the body. Our skin is susceptible to weather conditions, physical damage, temperature changes, moisture fluctuation, radiation, free radicals, and more. This means that protecting our skin requires a wide arsenal of healthy tools and nutrients to keep it safe.These tools can come in the form of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, antioxidants, zinc, fatty acids, and many other nutrients, some of which might surprise you.

Our Best Kept Secret – The ART Skincare System!

The orchid flower have been used for thousands of years in herbal beauty treatments. Orchids are thought to help retain hydration. The flower is long lasting and  adapts well to different environments which makes it a chosen warrior in skin care regimens. The extreme moisturizing may help delay natural aging effects by supporting the skin.

Another key ingredient is the Japanese knotweed used for centuries for it ability to support healthy skin and protect against free radicals. Used by the Japanese often in tea to promote ‘well being’.

Young Living’s ART Skin Care System safely and effectively cleanses, tones, and moisturizes your face to bring out your natural and inherent beauty. With innovative, essential oils, we have formulated a skin care system to serve as a foundation to your personal regimen. Much like an artist prepping a canvas, Young Living’s works of ART will leave your complexion feeling refreshed, renewed, and absolutely radiant. That is the beauty of ART!

ART GENTLE CLEANSER uses a mild foaming action to lift and capture impurities without irritating the skin or stripping its natural oils.

ART REFRESHING TONER removes any residual impurities without drying out the skin. With a perfect blend of essential oils, our toner will help balance your skin’s natural pH.

ART LIGHT MOISTURIZER works with your skin to help retain and maintain proper hydration. The proprietary blend of essential oils and natural ingredients will leave your face feeling soft and supple. • Promotes properly balanced skin with all safe and natural ingredients. • Works in tandem with your skin. • Serves as a foundation to your skin care regimen that address your individual concerns.

Who Should Use ART® ® Skin Care System?

• Those who want a natural product to support healthy-looking skin

• Individuals seeking support for a more youthful appearance

ART Beauty Masque

The ART Beauty Masque allows you to have a pampering session right in the comfort of your own home. The masque contains Stress Away & Lavender essential oils. These are known for their soothing and spa-like aromas. Use the masque 1-2 times per week to help promote healthier and more vibrant, younger appearing skin.

ART beauty mask

ART Renewal Serum

The ART Renewal Serum is the perfect add-on to your every day regimen to help protect and revitalize the skin. The serum is especially designed with aging skin in mind with trans-resveratrol for firming and toning properties.

The serum contains Frankincense, Myrrh and Sensation essential oil with is calming and soothing to the skin and emotions. The Renewal Serum is to be used after cleansing twice daily and followed with your preferred Young Living moisturizer (see skin type regimens here).

ART Creme Masque

The ART Creme Masque in a soothing base of aloe vera infused with Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Geranium (to name a few) of the divine oils. This formulation cleanses and softens the skin with a blend of hyaluronic acid and pure essential oils.

For restoring the appearance of more youthful skin. Use after washing and drying face. Apply for 20 minutes. Remove with moist washcloth. Use as desired.

creme masque

That’s A Great Start

The ART 3 step system is the perfect regimen. Get ready to reveal your amazing beauty!

Choosing a a great skin care system is the best way you can protect your beautiful face and keep your youthful appearance. Hydration and Protection!

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With love from our family to yours,

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