Back to School Survival Guide: Bedtime Routine Back to School: Bedtime Routine

Child Bedtime Routine

Welcome to our brand new series Back to School Natural Survival Guide!  Yesterday, we discussed how to ease your child’s First Day Jitters.  Today, we’re going to discuss how to create a successful Bedtime Routine.

Many parents and children as well dread bedtime.  There seem to be a lot of distractions when it comes to putting your child(ren) to bed.  Whether the child is too wound up from their exciting day at school, scared to go to bed, or as a parent; we get a little bit behind on our schedule.

We have a solution for the entire family that guarantees a peaceful night’s sleep for everyone!

Essential Oil Sleep Spray

If you came into our home and questioned everyone on their bedtime routine, you would hear the same from all of us; we sleep like babies!  Our family does not go without using our Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray or Sweet Dreams Sleep Cream!

Before we got started on our aromatherapy journey, Maria and I struggled on getting a good night’s sleep.  As parents, you have to be on your A-game at all times.  We are so blessed to have our amazing essential oils!  They have literally changed our family!  Our daughters have always slept good, but woke up from time to time.  Since we have been using our pillow spray and sleep cream, everyone stays asleep all night long and wakes up refreshed!

Essential Oil Sleep Cream

You and your family will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Sweet Dreams Sleep Cream!  Not only will you have a peaceful night’s sleep, you will also have the softest feet EVER!

We strongly advise using organic, raw ingredients whenever possible.

When you are preparing for your child’s bedtime; give your pillow spray a good shake and spritz the entire pillow.  Next, apply a small amount of sleep cream on the bottom’s of their feet and place socks over top of them.  You can remove the socks once they climb into bed, this just prevents the sleep cream from transferring onto your floors.

There you have it; our Back to School Bedtime Routine!

Join us tomorrow as we discuss ‘The Germy Free Kid’!  We will be sharing some AMAZING recipes that will be a success for the entire family!

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