About Us

maria rod wagner our organic home essential oils for the homeRod and Maria Wagner are husband and wife and parents to their two daughters Lillian and Madelyn. Rod and Maria have vowed their lives to God and living an Organic lifestyle the way God intended us too.

While awaiting the birth of their first daughter Lillian; Rod and Maria started to investigate ingredients found in conventional foods, especially baby foods. They were very unhappy to find that most conventional foods are filled with chemicals and fake ingredients. Wanting to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby; they dove into growing their own organic foods, concentrating on God’s word as guidance in living Organically, and changing their way of life to completely organic. Rod and Maria grow their own organic foods, eat and cook with whole organic foods limiting the use of processed foods, and make their own cleaning products and personal care products using Young Living Essential Oils.

Rod and Maria want to share their Organic experience with everyone and help others that want to return to God’s intended lifestyle.

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