The Best Organic Skinny Margarita Ever!

organic skinny margarita

Light, refreshing, organic, and delicious!  You will definitely want to celebrate National Margarita Day with our organic skinny margarita!

We love to add nutrition to almost every recipe that we create and our drinks are no substitution.  Our organic skinny margarita is full of delicious organic fruit.  Even though we are still in the middle of winter, we like to pretend even it if it is only for an hour or so that we are pool side and the weather is bright and warm.

We have been experiencing an extremely warm winter, today is the second day that it has been in the 60’s, so we have more than one reason to celebrate!

No matter what kind of food or drinks that we are consuming, we always make sure that they are 100% organic! Alcoholic drinks are not an exception. It is just as important to choose organic alcohol as it is to choose organic food versus conventionally grown food. There are several certified organic alcohol companies out there. We hope that you will check out the amazing Tequila Alquimia!

You will love the refreshing taste of the fresh organic fruit and how light this drink is.  We definitely don’t want to ruin a healthy diet with a drink that is loaded with calories.

We hope that you, your loved ones, and friends will enjoy celebrating National Margarita Day with our Organic Skinny Margarita!

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With love from our family to yours,

Rod and Maria Wagner

rod & maria

Organic Skinny Margarita
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Light, refreshing, organic, and delicious!
Organic Skinny Margarita
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Light, refreshing, organic, and delicious!
  1. Place orange wedges, lime wedges, lime juice, and honey in the bottom of a glass; muddle until mixed well.
  2. Add Strawberries; Stir well
  3. Top with tequila, mixer, and ice; Stir well
  4. Garnish with lime or orange wedges (we like to cut slices and then use a cookie cutter to make a shape out of them).
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